Tax registration for foreign entrepreneurs

We help foreign entrepreneurs who are going to conduct business in Sweden and need to apply for F-tax, VAT registration or Swedish employer’s registration!


Swedish clients prefer to engage companies that have Swedish F-tax. For this reason, foreign companies that run businesses in Sweden should apply for approval for F-tax. This also applies to companies that do not pay income tax in Sweden.

Companies that have F-tax are responsible for paying their own preliminary tax and other charges. If the company does not have F-tax, the client may be responsible for paying preliminary tax and employer’s social security contributions for work performed.

The application can be complicated and above all time-consuming – we help you, contact us today!

Tax application help

2495 SEK/ Company
  • Help with the application
  • Help with completion
  • Contact with Swedish TAX Agency
  • Help to update TAX information in ID06

The processing times of Swedish Tax Agency can vary between 6 – 10 weeks.

If you are in need of F-tax, start the process now!

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Due to high demand for F-tax registration help – we have a response time at 3 – 4 working days. 

The price includes assistance with the application to the Swedish Tax Agency. Rejection of the application will not be refunded. Additional fees may be added by the tax authorities in connection with the registration.